Engelbert Farms

Engelbert Farms has been certified organic since 1984, making it the first Certified Organic dairy farm in the United States. The farm produces 100% certified organic milk, cheese, beef, pork, veal, and seasonal vegetables that can be purchased at their farm store. They also make and sell hearty bone broth, soup, and other homemade classics like mac-and-cheese and applesauce – all made with organic ingredients!

Engelbert Farm StoreEngelbert Farm Store

The farm store and kitchen are located in the historic Creamery building at 263 W River Rd, Nichols, NY. They offer their own farm-raised certified organic beef, pork, veal, cheese and vegetables, and also carry products from other local farms, including eggs from pastured hens (fed 100% certified organic grains), maple syrup, raw honey, and fruit butters.

Certified Organic

The Engelbert’s have been farming organically since 1981, and have been certified organic since 1984.  They recently learned that they were the first certified organic dairy farm in the country!  They sold theur organic milk into the conventional market for 20 years until they joined CROPP Cooperative and started shipping milk to Organic Valley in August 2001.  No chemicals are ever used on their fields, and no antibiotics, hormones, or synthetic wormers are ever used on their animals.

Engelbert Farms

The Engelbert’s dairy cows live out their lives happily munching high quality, Organic grass, hay and small amounts of organic corn – all grown on their farm.  During the grazing season, the Dairy cows are on a fresh plot of grass daily. Their cows are never confined. Beef cows are 100% grass-fed from April through mid-November each year.  Over the winter they are fed organic hay, haylage (chopped high moisture hay), and a small amount of corn silage.   Corn silage is the entire corn plant, chopped and fermented. It accounts for around 5% of their diet over the winter, and provides an energy source to help maintain body condition in cold weather. Veal calves are raised in the pasture with their mothers.  Pigs are fed certified organic grains, milk, hay and leftover vegetables from their organic gardens.  No animal by-products are ever fed to their animals. Their beef, pork and veal are available by individual cuts – no order is too small!

Engelbert Farm also offers organic produce including garlic (seed and table), potatoes, onions, and winter xquash. Other seasonal vegetables include tomatoes, peppers, summer squash & zucchini, string beans, radishes, carrots, beets and more.


Engelbert Farms

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