Leo’s Honey House

Opening in 1980, Leo’s Honey House is a third generation bee farm producing high quality raw, ultra raw and comb honey. As a byproduct of their honey production, the sweet-smelling bees wax is made into a wide variety of taper, pillar and figurine candles. They have also created a line of soaps, lip balm and hand cream using beeswax and honey.

The honey is produced from local nectar sources. Each kind of flower produces a honey with its own distinct taste and properties. There are specific times of year when nectar sources are readily identifiable and they harvest the resulting honey separately. Honey is a unique mixture of flower nectar and bee ingenuity. Their bees and bee hives are managed without the use of antibiotics, anti-fungals, or pesticides. They use natural selection and non-chemical beekeeping techniques to raise bees and queens.

Beekeeping Leo's Honey


The very best honey is being produced by your local beekeepers. You may want to try honey produced from the different floral or nectar sources. Ask your beekeeper about the different varieties he or she has to offer. Beekeeping is a difficult and specialized farming activity, yet is vital to the pollination of our food crops. Your purchase of honey from a local beekeeper not only provides you with the best of nature’s sweet treats but also supports an important link in American agriculture.

Leo’s Honey House

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