Mud Creek Bison Ranch

At Mud Creek Bison Ranch, they focus on providing healthy and happy bison with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. They are an “Animal First” farm, which means they work hard every day to make their lives as stress free and healthy as they possibly can. They work diligently to provide the best quality of life for each animal, striving to keep their lives low stress, highly nourished, and as happy as possible. They farm in this manner to provide people the opportunity to experience Bison as they would have lived thousands of years ago.

Mud Creek Bison Ranch

Mud Creek Bison Ranch vows to never perform artificial breeding techniques, to never cross breed with cattle, or to do anything to genetically alter their species. They also believe in a non hormonal and antibiotic free way of life for these animals. Their animals are considered as pure as the land they roamed and they will work towards preserving their species, this is their vow!

They also believe in a “Herd” mentality. Whether it comes to their Bison or their Family, everything they do on the ranch is to better their lives. Mud Creek Bison Ranch has been family owned and operated since inception in 2013, and with their ever growing passion, they believe that it will be this way for years to come!

Mud Creek Bison Ranch
Mud Creek Bison Ranch

They care for over 200 bison on their ranch. They separate the bulls and the cows every October so they don’t risk having late calves the following year. Pregnancy lasts 9 months, similar to humans, and the calves at birth only weigh about 40 lbs. After 6 months the calves can already weigh upwards of 400 lbs and are eating hay and grass along with continuing to nurse from their mothers. They keep the calves with their mothers for up to a year and a half before separating the bull calves from the female herd.

A White Bison, or also called a “White Buffalo”, is an American Bison that has white hair, either from birth or color change over the course of its life. The primary color of Bison are almost always brown and their skin a dark brown or black. White bison can result from one of several physical conditions:

  • Albinism: A bison who lacks pigment throughout their lives. These Bison may also have hearing and vision problems.
  • Leucism: A bison who lacks partial pigment, white fur but blue eyes. These bison don’t have pink skin associated with Albinism.
  • They may have a rare genetic condition which causes a buffalo to be born white, but to become brown within a year or two as it matures.
  • They may be beefalo, a bison–cattle crossbreed, and thus have inherited the white coloration from their cattle ancestry.
It has been expressed that no matter what the cause, the White Bison is considered to be sacred or spiritually significant to many Native American religions. White Bison are often visited for prayer and other religious rituals.

According to the National Bison Association, it is extremely rare that a White Bison be born. It is estimated that they only occur one in 10 million births.

Our bison never have to go far to find food! We supply our animals with high moisture hay, dry hay, essential minerals, and salt/selenium blocks at “free choice” style of feeding. They also pasture graze through the summer months when the grass is tall and lush. Bison are unique in that they know when they are full! There has never been report of a bison overindulging or dying from over eating.  

Mud Creek Bison Ranch

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