Parulski Farms

Parulski Farms is a family run 450+ acre dairy farm producing delicious artisanal cheeses and quality meats. They produce 3 types of cheese including cheddar, jack, and cheese curds in 17 different flavors. The meats offered are raised  on the farm by forages that were grown and harvested here. The beef is born, bred, and raised here and is grass-fed with a diet consisting of pasture grasses, dry hay, and haylage. The turkeys are free-ranged on pastures as are the meat chickens. The hogs feed is derived of grains harvested on the farm as well. All animals raised are guaranteed to have no hormones and no antibiotics.

Parulski Cheese

Visit the farm store to purchase their meats and cheeses, and other locally made products from nearby farms. Schedule a tour of the dairy facility from the months of May-October. See where the cows get milked, fed, graze, and enjoy their days. Check out the cheese as it ages to perfection in the large walk in cooler. Parulski Farms offers the complete farm experience.

Parulski cows

Parulski Farms

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