Java-Gourmet Company Store & Black Cat Bistro

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At JAVA-GOURMET and Keuka Lake Coffee Roasters, They live, work and play against a backdrop of natural beauty. Overlooking Keuka Lake in New York, they are passionate about their company and the products they create!

They established Keuka Lake Coffee Roasters in 2003 after moving here from Boston to start their business. Brian was in the coffee industry when they met and roasts all of their coffees to order. They small batch roast 100% Arabica beans, sourced from the country of origin. Once roasted, their coffees are completely air cooled to retain the natural coffee oils which hold not only flavor, but “good for you” antioxidants. Each type of coffee is roasted to a specific temperature and time. All blends are made after the roast. All of their flavored coffees are proprietary recipes that they have personally developed.

In 2007 JAVA-GOURMET was born after the highly successful release of their Original JAVA RUBS. It is an award winning, artisanal, coffee-based specialty food company. Their products are unique and delicious. They are proud to have created a complete line of products using coffee’s culinary attribute of being a natural flavor enhancer. Their product development is based on culinary research, family recipes and their own creativity and vision in the kitchen. Coffee adds a depth of flavor that is like no other. It also will help to caramelize the surface of the food you cook.

All of their products are small batch produced and coffee is the primary in every JAVA-GOURMET product. Every product is All Natural, MSG, Gluten and Trans Fat free. Besides the well known JAVA RUBS, JAVA-GOURMET produces 40+ products including sauces and marinades, a brine, dessert topper, finishing salt, JAVA GRIND and JAVA BARK, a delicious confection of espresso beans and chocolate.

In 2011, they launched the Seneca Salt Company. They had been using a locally sourced, unique culinary flake salt which is produced from a fresh water brine from salt veins under Seneca Lake.  They now offer a line of infused salts including a Grapevine Smoked Salt which may be the only one out there based on our research.  They also have four delicious Seneca Salt Barks for those who enjoy the sweet and salty flavor profile. Their Seneca Salt products have been very successful! Just recently two bath salt products have launched: their Seneca Salt Scrub and Seneca Breeze bar soap.

BLACK CAT BISTRO is where you can enjoy a variety of coffee beverages and seasonally inspired cuisine featuring many of the products we produce. They source locally as much as possible. They also are serving wine and beer, many locally produced. They have both inside and outdoor seating on our beautiful deck as weather permits.

We gladly invite you to contact us regarding our products.  Think Coffee Outside Of The Cup…

Java-Gourmet Company Store & Black Cat Bistro

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