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Finger Lakes Farm Country is a regional agritourism program that combines agriculture and tourism to promote the abundance of agricultural resources in the southern Finger Lakes. Through a collaborative approach to marketing and promotion, the program creates a memorable brand for agritourism attractions and businesses in the area, while showcasing educational and recreational activities for visitors to the region. In an effort to sustain local farms and create an environment for entrepreneurism, Finger Lakes Farm Country will promote the region’s abundant agritourism resources through a variety of marketing strategies. The Finger Lakes Farm Country region includes the counties of Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben, Tioga, and Yates.

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We’ve assembled a list of resources for you to learn more about agritourism and getting involved with Finger Lakes Farm Country.

Agritourism Resources

Best Management Practices for Agritourism

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Accessibility and Agritourism

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Gaining and Retaining Customers from Special Farm Events (presentation by CCE Ontario)

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Assessing Your Farm for Agritourism
UVM: 2014

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Develop a Farm Stand
UVM: 2014

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Tips for Selling at a Roadside Stand
ATTRA: 2012

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Develop a Farm Stay
UVM: 2014

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Develop a Farm Tour
UVM: 2014

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Develop a Pick Your Own
UVM: 2014

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Tips for Selling with Agritourism and Pick Your Own
ATTRA: 2012

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Host Dinners on Your Farm
UVM: 2014

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Host Weddings on Your Farm
UVM: 2014

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Host Summer Camps
UVM: 2014

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Integrating Safety into Agritoursim
National Childrens Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety: 2018

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Getting Started in Agritourism
CCE Tompkins County: Revised 2016

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Agritourism – An Overview
The National Agricultural Law Center

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Agritourism project ideas (how to videos)

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Social Media Resources

Tips for Selling on the Internet
ATTRA: 2012

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Social Media Marketing for Farmers Webinar Series (6 parts)
The Land Connection: 2014

Social Media Best Practices for Farmers and Producers
NOFA-NY: 2016

Marketing Resources

General Farming Resources

Guide to Farming in NY
Cornell Small Farms Program: 2017

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The Guide to Marketing Channel Assessment: How to Sell Through Wholesale and Direct Marketing Channels
Cornell Small Farms Program: 2010

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Who Is My Contact?

Below is a list of contact offices by county for Finger Lakes Farm Country. Please use your county’s contact if you have questions, updates, or need assistance.

Chemung County

· Chemung County Chamber of Commerce— Cynthia Raj
[email protected] or (607) 734-5137

· Chemung County Cooperative Extension Office— Shona Ort
[email protected] or  (607)-734-4453 ext. 227

Schuyler County

· Watkins Glen Chamber of Commerce— Paul Thomas
[email protected] or (800)-607-4552

· Schuyler County Cooperative Extension Office— Roger Ort
[email protected] or (607)-535-7161

Steuben County

· Steuben County CVB— Kevin Peterson
kpeter[email protected] or (607) 936-6544

· Steuben County Cooperative Extension Office— Ariel Kirk
[email protected] or (607) 664-2574

Tioga County

· Tioga County Chamber of Commerce— Rebecca Maffei
[email protected] or  (607)-687-7440

· Tioga County Cooperative Extension Office— Barb Neal
[email protected] or (607) 687-4020

Yates County

· Yates County Chamber of Commerce— Jessica Bacher
[email protected] or (315)-536-3111

· Yates County Cooperative Extension Office— Caroline Hunt
[email protected] or (315)-536-5123 ext. 4375