It’s Time To Get Cheesy!

Sometimes being around folks who are a little cheesy is the very best thing. Especially when we’re talking about exploring Farm Country’s Cheese Trail.

Okay, technically it’s an unofficial trail and more a collection of cheeseawesomeness (if it isn’t a word, it should be)!

Hey, Food & Wine Magazine even called it out, so you don’t have to take our word for it.

“. . . while the wine trails are worth the trip. . . the region’s cheese, which has been produced here for decades, is a star in its own right.”

Regan Stephens Food & Wine

Here are some suggested stops . . .

Engelbert Farm

263 W River Rd., Nichols, NY

Being in what some folks might call “the middle of nowhere” often means being the very center of where good things happen, as demonstrated by Engelbert Farm, the first Certified Organic dairy farm in the United States. Crafting an assortment of organic cheeses with playful names like their moochego (cow’s milk manchego) and nutty moochego (made with Ithaca Beer’s nut brown ale), and moovache (a cow’s milk chevre). They also make cheddars, goudas, feta and occasionally curds.

Side Hill Acres Goat Farm

79 Spencer Rd., Candor, NY 13743

Educational and tasty, what a great combination. Enjoy award-winning cheese and try your hand at milking a goat. For real. Offering goat cheese logs in plain and assorted herbs (including a whole slew of flavors from Garlic/Jalapeno, Lemongrass, Black Pepper, Rosemary/Garlic, Cinnamon/Cranberry, and more. Tour the goat barn and learn about farm life.

Sunset View Creamery

4790 County Route 14, Odessa, NY 14869

Long a driving force behind cheese production in the Finger Lakes, Sunset View Creamy is known for raw milk, cheese curds, fresh Mozzarella, Cheddar, Bel Paise, Havarti, and other varieties. The farm also offers unique farm experiences like cow cuddling where you can get up close and personal with some of the younger members of the farm.

Shtayburne Farm Creamery

2909 Chase Road, Rock Stream, NY 14878

Handcrafted farmstead cheeses made in small batches (aged cheddars, flavored cheddars and jacks like blueberry jack and horseradish cheddar, and a variety of cheese curds). The Hostetler family puts great care and attention to detail in creating their cheeses. Dairy farming has been a family affair for generations, and in 2010 they added a creamy and farm store. You’ll often find their cheeses at other farm stands and shops throughout the region.

Crosswinds Creamery

4721 State Route 14A, Rock Stream NY 14878

Using Swiss cow’s milk and traditional Alpine methods, Crosswinds Creamery offers a delicious assortment of cheeses from nutty Rose’s Reserve to the popular soft farmer’s cheese, Morning Glory, and Goblin (a semi-firm, Alpine-style cheese that’s great for wine pairing). But they know cheese is also meant to be shared hence their tasty cheesecakes (complimented by Knapp Farm’s homemade seasonal fruit sauces), beef and cheese combos, as well as cheese and charcuterie platters of varying sizes that serve from 25 people up to 85 people.

The Cheese Shop – Bieber Normande Dairy

10613 South Main Street, Prattsburgh, NY

A a family-owned business offering a wide variety of local farm-to-table-products including local and specialty curds, spreads, blocks, flavored jacks and raw milk cheeses, The Cheese Shop offers a true taste of the countryside.

Golden Age Cheese

1577 Mill Street, Woodhull, NY 14898

A wholesale and retail cheese manufacturer for 40 years, Golden Age Cheese is located in the small town of Woodhull which, itself, has a long history of cheesemaking dating back to the 1800s. Specializing in 100% natural cheese (naturally aged, naturally flavored, naturally smoked), Golden Age makes everything from specialty cheddars, mold to aged cheddars (they even have one cheddar old enough to vote, their 18-year old Old School), to muenster, Swiss, and Fresh Mozzarella. 

Stewart’s Family Farm

6681 County Route 27, Hornell, NY 14843

A bio-diverse, multi-generational farm and store located in Howard, the Stewart family raises, grows and sells a variety of food products including cow’s milk, goat’s milk, goat cheese, goat’s milk ice-cream and more. The cheese, made from goat’s milk, is a delicious Chevre (which comes in plain and in varied flavors like dill, garlic and chive, tomato and basil). Their goat’s milk maple ice cream is also a unique treat you’ll be glad you tried.

Many of these small family-owned dairy farms specialize in creating a variety of artisan cheeses, ice creams, milk, and other delicious dairy products, as well as seasonal vegetables, fresh fruits, maple syrup and other maple products, eggs, beef, pork, lamb, even fresh breads and baked treats.

            (perhaps eventually we can hyperlink to the other Dairy Itinerary)

Please Note: Farming isn’t just a livelihood, it’s a lifestyle. When you visit these small family-owned farms you’re often stepping foot into the heart of people’s lives. Please be respectful and also remember that these are working farms, so be aware of your surroundings to ensure a safe experience for you, other guests of the farm, and the farmers.

Thank you for supporting our local farms!

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