Harvest Relaxation at These Finger Lakes Farms

There are many ways to enjoy Finger Lakes Farm Country, including viewing the beautiful rolling hills, taking in scenic lakeside wineries and taking on hands-on farming adventures. But, what if those farm experiences could actually be quite relaxing?

Check out these unique farmstead relaxation remedies that you can find in the Finger Lakes region. Your rejuvenated self awaits!

ZiegenVine Homestead

Goat yoga at Ziegenvine arm
ZiegenVine Homestead

Growing in popularity across the U.S., the fitness trend of goat yoga combines self-health with farm culture in a very unique – and maybe a little unusual – way to the Finger Lakes region. Goat yoga is a great way to fill an afternoon with some well-deserved relaxation at ZiegenVine Homestead.

Unless it rains, all goat yoga classes are held outside with scenic views and crisp, fresh air. ZiegenVine Homestead limits each class to 25 people, allowing the experience to become more intimate. Guests always have a great time doing a few poses with the goats!

Regardless of one’s yoga experience, goat yoga offers something for each class member. While the class offers all the benefits of yoga, it also offers the opportunity to be present with nature. Taking time to be present and slow-down is an essential part of the experience.

Lavender Crest Farms

Lavender Crest Farm

With the intention to bring “care farms” or therapeutic farms to the United States, the owners of  Lavender Crest Farm decided to turn the lavender fields into a farm devoted to providing a safe and healing place for animals – and people – that is accessible to all.

As soon as you step foot on the farm, you’re immediately immersed in the fragrances of lavender and nature, freeing and relaxing the senses. The farm promotes horticultural therapy as visitors are encouraged to explore the farm’s healing gardens and lavender landscapes.

Guests also have the opportunity to partake in animal-assisted therapy, which provides educational activities to nurture relationships between animals and humans.

Healing Spirits Herb Farm and Education Center

Healing Spirits Herb Farm
Healing Spirits Herb Farm

Healing Spirits Herb Farm educates guests on the healing energy of plants that affect us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Plants have been used for centuries to enhance spirituality and the awareness of our connection to all life. Healing Spirits offers a variety of medicinal herbs, teas, tinctures, oils, and specialty products to promote individual’s health and wellness.

Take the Herbal Seeds of Wisdom class and gain a better understanding on what plants and herbs are growing around you and how you can benefit from each. Visit Healing Spirits and discover how to use the plant world to take ownership of your own healing.

Wellspring Forest Farm

Wellspring Forest Farm

Wellspring Forest Farm provides the perfect weekend getaway for anyone looking to relax and rejuvenate. Sanctioned in its own little area of land behind the farm, there sits a private yurt that great for a little peace and quiet.

The yurt sleeps up to four people, with a queen bed in the loft and a comfy queen futon downstairs. There is also a kitchen stocked with the best seasonal produce including, maple syrup, duck eggs and mushrooms.

Out back, there is a spacious deck that provides the perfect place to enjoy a drink while watching the sunset.

The weekend of relaxation doesn’t stop at the private yurt. Guests can also wander the gardens surrounding the area and harvest as many herbs and flowers as they please.  No matter what you’re into, Finger Lakes Farm Country will be there waiting with the perfect farm experience whenever you feel the need to getaway and unwind. So, go on and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

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