Summer U-Pick Season

Get out and enjoy the sunshine with the family this Summer in Finger Lakes Farm Country while you pick your own fresh fruits, from strawberries and blueberries to cherries and red raspberries. Depending on the fruit, the pick-your-own Summer season runs from June to August. Not only is venturing out into the orchards and fields a fun activity, but you’ll walk away with fresh local fruits that can be enjoyed on their own or included in your favorite summertime recipes.


Nothing says Summertime quite like a juicy red strawberry. Fresh out of the fields of Farm Country this summertime staple can’t be missed. Strawberry season in the Finger Lakes is June through July. Enjoy some time picking fresh red ripe strawberries to eat or work into your next dessert or culinary masterpiece. There is nothing like the flavor of a fresh picked strawberry. Pick your own, or pick up a container of their ready to go pre-picked strawberries. Download the Finger Lakes Farm Country App to see a list of strawberry farms, get directions, and contact information.


A favorite summertime treat for many, there is an abundance of blueberries in Finger Lakes Farm Country. Whether you enjoy them on their own, mixed into a tasty fruit salad, or added to your favorite refreshing Summer drink, you’ll find plenty of u-pick options here from July through August. Download the Finger Lakes Farm Country App to see a list of blueberry farms, get directions, and contact information.


Sweet, sour, or tart cherries are a delicious Summer delight. Cherry trees are in blossom and will be ready in late June into July for visitors to pick. Picking seasons may vary each year due to the unpredictability of nature. Download the Finger Lakes Farm Country App to see a list of cherry orchards ready to welcome you in Finger Lakes Farm Country, plan your visit, get directions and contact information.

U-pick Tips

Here are 10 tips to help make your u-pick experience a great one.

  1. Call and confirm – We recommend to always call the day ahead or day of before travelling to any farm or orchard to check opening times and availability.
  2.  Go early –Many crops, especially strawberries and blueberries, ripen daily, and get picked out by late morning. So go as early as the farm opens for best selection and easiest picking. Going early also avoids the hot sun and heat!
  3. Drinks and snacks – Bring water or something to drink along with some snacks. Include some wet wipes to clean your hands off after picking.
  4. Dress Appropriately –  You’re going into a field; it could be muddy, so dress appropriately. wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and boots or old sneakers, not high heels or flip flops.
  5. Bug Spray –  Bring bug spray along in case you are in an area where there area mosquitos. If you are allergic to a bee sting, bring your epi-pen, just in case!
  6. Beware the sun –  It can get hot out in the open field. Sunscreen and hats will help protect you from a bad sunburn.
  7. Payment –  Understand the costs, how much you will pick and how much it will cost in total. It’s usually best to bring cash, but you can ask beforehand if they take credit cards.
  8. Toilets –  Some farms have plumbed toilets, but unless you are a fan of porta potties, “go” at home before you go!
  9. Include containers for picking and for carrying the fruit home (smaller containers are better for children’s smaller hands), Some farms provide picking containers for free, but there’s usually a fee if you want to take them with you.
  10. Know how to pick –  Follow the farm rules to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Know how to tell when the fruit you are picking is ripe and how to pick and then store it. Take care not to damage the plants. Ask the farmer for advise. They are happy to give you some pointers.

For a fun Summer activity take the family out and enjoy some sunshine while you pick fresh fruit straight from the farms in Finger Lakes Farm Country. For a complete list of u-pick farms check out u-pick experiences or download the Finger Lakes Farm Country App. Happy Picking!

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